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Multiple Ways to change Material Properties in ANSYS

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Hello All,

In this post, I am going to show couple of methods to change the material. In ANSYS, material properties like Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio for a particular material are available under Engineering Data. You can add these materials to the project.  I used the same example project from the structural analysis of a plate.

In the following video, I have shown the following:

  • How to add material to the project
  • How to duplicate a material and edit the material properties
  • How to change material properties inside Mechanical using APDL commands. This method is useful especially if you are lazy enough to go back to workbench project page, add material or duplicate material to edit the material and then update the project to get the material added to the model. Using this method, you can avoid all that and directly edit the material property on the fly. Should be used only for quick checking. Otherwise you may forget the command snippet and wonder about the results.


–Thanks for reading my post!

–Vamshi Goli