This website is for easy and intuitive learning of how to use ANSYS! Hope all these tutorials and tips help students or young engineers looking for quick ways to learn. Any comments and questions are appreciated!

It takes lot of time and effort to create these posts/videos. Please do post your comments, they motivate me to provide more content!


–Vamshi Goli





Disclaimer: All the tutorials are for the sole purpose of learning simulation. Tips, tutorials and any other content is not verified for accuracy/errors and I assume no responsibility. ANSYS has no affiliation with this website.


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  1. Vidar Johansen


    I am trying to learn ”How to do Load Combination in ANSYS—Method1” but I get some error messages when I try to solve in ANSYS.
    Can you please send me the two ANSYS command scripts? I think I have done some errors in these commands.

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards
    Vidar Johansen

  2. Connor

    Hi i am a student and just new to FEA and CFD on ANSYS, i was wondering if you could help me out. ive been given a basic problem for my first week and hoping you could help me through it. If you email back i can reply with the problem attached. i think i have modelled the model correctly. i can send you this aswell

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